Welcome to "Green Light Natural therapy"!

You will be pleased and surprised that you can get the comprehensive service regarding your health and well-being:
Detoxification and weight loss. Anti-aging therapy. Digestive system problems. Skin problems. Chronic rheumatoid conditions. Anti parasitic therapy (including antifungal and Candida)
As the therapeutic methods the following are suggested:

VEGA-TEST: It is not a diagnostics but a test which can give a clue where in the body we should look for a problem. This is a fast, safe, painless, and most importantly, accurate way of gathering information about your body. It can determine biological age; reveal disturbance of acid-alkaline balance; define the organs with different disturbances; the presence of different kind of parasites in the body; deficiency of minerals , vitamins , hormones and enzymes.

COLON HYDRO THERAPY: This is what we should start with , because all of health conditions ( besides of genetic) get started from large intestine. We are what we eat. Deep cleanse of large intestine with simple clean water helps to establish the homeostasis in the body and lead to very good deep changes in different health conditions.

HERBAL THERAPY: The protocol that is used based on the unique 4-stages system where the health of digestive system is on the first place by its importance. Fresh prepared herbal tinctures are used in the healing process. The tinctures’ formulas are strictly individual according the data obtained due to Imedis-Test or from interview with the patient.

Homeopathy is kind of energetic medicine. Cure is occurred under the influence of remedy’s frequencies. Because of there is no physical presence of the actual remedy, this kind of healing is very suitable during the pregnancy; for small children and for mental and emotional healing. Surprisingly, it can treat a very serious disease as well.
All of above mentioned modalities can be applied to treat different health needs and problems in the combinations that should be specifically differentiated at every person. These methods can be applied with detoxification ,weight loss protocol, anti-aging protocol and different other acute and chronic conditions.